Despairation to preparation for rest

A little company for a short time earlier, then a bit of TV, and I ate some soup for a finisher tonight.  I now am ready to begin my journey in preparation for bed and hopefully a restful evening and night.  I have a few things to do in the morning then I will be done for a while.  I am approaching the final despair of the hacking event, I think the old account at the bank will end well and I will be ahead there.  The new account will be in great shape.

So for now I will end the day, getting all my medications and preparations done for bed.  I have no room for hoodwink tonight.

Life shopping at a behemoth store

Someone asked me why I shop a lot on Amazon or Wal-Mart, my reply was I could go to the malls and walk around all the different stores and not find what I was interested in or I could just go online to the behemoth stores, search for what I wanted and order it and it would come right to my door.  Besides much of what I order I get cheaper online than I do inside a store while being ran over by golf carts driven by people who can’t drive them and long lines to check out.

The behemoth stores Amazon and Wal-Mart are number 1 & 2 in the world of shopping facilities.  I use online facilities as much as I can, I will never again bank online but that is a different story already published.  The government says I have to use online facilities to obtain my medications for 90 days supplies because it is cheap, so they add a co-pay to it to facilitate me paying more for it anyway.  I am waiting for them to tell me that I have to deal with online doctors as well, imagine going online and doing your own surgery while a doctor watches you on camera while telling you where to cut and what to take out.