The night of good sleep to start a day

Last night I had a great night sleep.  I was a little late getting into bed but once in I was gone to never-never land I guess as I do not remember a thing.  I, this morning, rolled over and saw me automatic light had kicked on and I knew that it was close to time to get up and around.  I really had a lot planned but I changed my mind at the last-minute and came on home from breakfast and began to make phone calls to finish up my changes that I had to make last week.

I went through my emails and I have a few more things I need to do very soon and I guess after this I will get on them and finished for the day.

I do not know if VA has been hacked or not, when you try to sign into the accounts there I get a warning that the site is infected and they are working on it and will be up soon.  Soon has been three days now.  I called them this morning and they was not sure if I would be able to update my account information due to the main computer being down.  I was and I was happy with that.

I hope to get my bumper on my SUV fixed tomorrow, I have a friend that is going to do it for me.  He is a good mechanic.  He said it would not take long and it is cheaper for me to do it this way.

Maybe tonight will be another night of good sleep.

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