Recap of 7/23’s activities #1

I take this moment to reflex on my day overall and not necessary on how I have expressed it in the past hours.  I think that I may have over dramatized in some areas which makes me over active or silly.   Yes, I can be at times and that is true to my nature.

Today started with a lot to do I thought, actually a lack of planning on my part.  Graham Bell invented the phone to reach out and make admins or adjustments were needed and the various car manufactories produced vehicles for momentum.  I used the phone a bit and saved the travel, and I used the car to go and eat this morning.  Oh, yes I did go across the street to Wal-Mart for some bread and spent too much, actually I went to get a hair cut, and Wal-Mart was in the same complex.  That was the way all that happened.  So, I got what I needed or wanted and more was my over action.

Happy bird this morning was a pleasing experience.  The out doors activities I have always enjoyed and were active in them.  Now it bothers me sometime to get out as I use to, even the doctors have said do not spend much time in the sun.

In the morning, weather permitting, my friend is going to work on my bumper issue on the SUV.  He said it is easy to fix, that he has done it before.  He gave me a good price to do the work and he is very good on auto repairs.  Professionally he is a painter of interior and exterior of homes and business facilities.

I am looking forward to another good productive day tomorrow.

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