A good day today

I think this day is over for me.  I needed some bread, so I go to Wal-Mart, a mistake, I buy some cables and a converter that I did not really need.  I bought a snack pak, I also do not need but they are good, I bought two 20 oz drinks and I have a frig full.  I even loaned myself $40 for some reason and I know not why.  I have got to the point that I do not care even to go there, it is cross the street from me.  Oh well, I did it and I am responsible for being stupid.

I got myself a haircut, almost as low as she could cut it.  She did a great job on the old Q-ball.

I will have to eat shortly, if not I will go bananas later.  Turn the tube on and see if I can find something to enjoy tonight.  No rain yet, but I am sure it is just around the corner from here.  I will have to put some ice on the fire later to cool the apartment down.  It is hot and muggy out today.

I am looking forward to waking in the AM and hearing Happy bird again.  It makes my day,  I see some dogwoods have began to bloom, you know I say that and now I think about it is not dogwoods it is some red flower looking like dogwoods blooming.  I don’t know the names of these blooming trees and plants.  I wish I knew their families and so on, but I did not go into Biology and Botany far enough when I was in school.  Well I think I went to school for a few years.  It has been a few weeks ago anyway.

So, I can say I had a good day today.

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