Recap of 7/23’s activities #1

I take this moment to reflex on my day overall and not necessary on how I have expressed it in the past hours.  I think that I may have over dramatized in some areas which makes me over active or silly.   Yes, I can be at times and that is true to my nature.

Today started with a lot to do I thought, actually a lack of planning on my part.  Graham Bell invented the phone to reach out and make admins or adjustments were needed and the various car manufactories produced vehicles for momentum.  I used the phone a bit and saved the travel, and I used the car to go and eat this morning.  Oh, yes I did go across the street to Wal-Mart for some bread and spent too much, actually I went to get a hair cut, and Wal-Mart was in the same complex.  That was the way all that happened.  So, I got what I needed or wanted and more was my over action.

Happy bird this morning was a pleasing experience.  The out doors activities I have always enjoyed and were active in them.  Now it bothers me sometime to get out as I use to, even the doctors have said do not spend much time in the sun.

In the morning, weather permitting, my friend is going to work on my bumper issue on the SUV.  He said it is easy to fix, that he has done it before.  He gave me a good price to do the work and he is very good on auto repairs.  Professionally he is a painter of interior and exterior of homes and business facilities.

I am looking forward to another good productive day tomorrow.

Happy bird 4

Happy bird was out this morning, I was else where but one of his/her friends was chirping away as if it was spring time again.  It may have been one that is untrained on the times of the year doing the chirps but happy still.  Happy bird is like positivity, one has to have it to be happy all day.  I did hear that rain was again dropping by for a visit later today.  That was the sad news other wise the news has been great and full of fun and encouragement.  I have all of the numbers changed now and all is on track.

Regardless how off track I may have went here, the story is about Happy bird and how happy I was today to hear him/her singing again.  Birds are fine feathered friends, just living a life of fun and free travel.  They do not get any travel mile discounts.

A good day today

I think this day is over for me.  I needed some bread, so I go to Wal-Mart, a mistake, I buy some cables and a converter that I did not really need.  I bought a snack pak, I also do not need but they are good, I bought two 20 oz drinks and I have a frig full.  I even loaned myself $40 for some reason and I know not why.  I have got to the point that I do not care even to go there, it is cross the street from me.  Oh well, I did it and I am responsible for being stupid.

I got myself a haircut, almost as low as she could cut it.  She did a great job on the old Q-ball.

I will have to eat shortly, if not I will go bananas later.  Turn the tube on and see if I can find something to enjoy tonight.  No rain yet, but I am sure it is just around the corner from here.  I will have to put some ice on the fire later to cool the apartment down.  It is hot and muggy out today.

I am looking forward to waking in the AM and hearing Happy bird again.  It makes my day,  I see some dogwoods have began to bloom, you know I say that and now I think about it is not dogwoods it is some red flower looking like dogwoods blooming.  I don’t know the names of these blooming trees and plants.  I wish I knew their families and so on, but I did not go into Biology and Botany far enough when I was in school.  Well I think I went to school for a few years.  It has been a few weeks ago anyway.

So, I can say I had a good day today.

The night of good sleep to start a day

Last night I had a great night sleep.  I was a little late getting into bed but once in I was gone to never-never land I guess as I do not remember a thing.  I, this morning, rolled over and saw me automatic light had kicked on and I knew that it was close to time to get up and around.  I really had a lot planned but I changed my mind at the last-minute and came on home from breakfast and began to make phone calls to finish up my changes that I had to make last week.

I went through my emails and I have a few more things I need to do very soon and I guess after this I will get on them and finished for the day.

I do not know if VA has been hacked or not, when you try to sign into the accounts there I get a warning that the site is infected and they are working on it and will be up soon.  Soon has been three days now.  I called them this morning and they was not sure if I would be able to update my account information due to the main computer being down.  I was and I was happy with that.

I hope to get my bumper on my SUV fixed tomorrow, I have a friend that is going to do it for me.  He is a good mechanic.  He said it would not take long and it is cheaper for me to do it this way.

Maybe tonight will be another night of good sleep.