A letter to the world

Dear world,

I know many are reading this today and I know not where.  I most likely will not solve any issues with this write, nor do I desire to.  Many intellects have tried and it seems that we are right back where we have been all the time.  That is find I guess as long as we are doing the right things and staying safe at night.  I do hope that we are all eating and staying well, that is very important these days.

I also hope any kids out there in this large world are learing the right things that will make them want to improve and not harm the world for others.  I do think as the song once said We Stand Together.  We are one world and we are equal in out rights and freedom, even if we do not get to sometime exercise them in that way.  Standing together we have more power to improve the world and destruct less what is ours.

A great man once said “I have a dream”, he meant that we all can live together on this big ball and be friends.  I am not saying one government, one religion, one law, but one freedom for mankind.

Ok World, I have said most of what I wanted to in support of you and your promise to mankind.  You keep your rotations going and worry not as we will come together one day and be a freedom oriented world and will proceed to make you very happy.

Thank you world


Happy bird 3

Happy bird finally dropped by this morning for a brief song, it was strong and salient in chirp.  I believed it was still raining out as I had just woke from my night.  It was not raining just some cracking of the AC and water pipes within the apartments.  So the happy bird has left for other chores today, like training kids birds, maybe packing their feathers for travel next month.