Happy bird no 2

Woke this morning to songs of Happy Bird.  That could be a sign that the weather will be nice today.  I just may have to find something of interest to do today.  Not sure what right now.  If Happy bird is happy then so am I.

Another Saturday has come and in a few hours it will be gone.  For some reason life seems to be faster than it use to be.  I use to think it was just me and as I was sitting around with older gentlemen they were talking the same thing.  We must have lived to fast back in the day and time is catching up to us.  Next month the kids will be back in school, Then soon afterwards the birds will head South to find another summer to enjoy.

My main point today was that Happy Bird was back and singing his/her song of Georgia On My Mind.

2 thoughts on “Happy bird no 2

    1. Thank you, he is not singing today, I think rain, I just got up so not sure just yet.

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