James has been missing

For some reason, today James has been missing from action, when asked about why? there was no answer about it.  I am not sure that James remembers what took place today of maybe something is bothering him.  Yes, he said he was busy doing something but never explained.  I know from the hacking deal he has to change phone numbers with his doctors and other trusting people with which he deals.  He is ok just a little confused and not understanding some people in his life.

A few days ago I removed my Elandra from the garage and went to the bank then started increasing speed, heard a noise which sounded like a tire separating.  Well, he could not find the problem and it being a new car he was worried about it.  Today he had a tire dealer was going to test drive it and determine if it was the tire.  The damnest thing happen.  When he came back to pick the Elandra up and drive it to the dealer, he noticed something strange.  The back window on the driver’s side was open.  That is something that James is careful about, but he messed up and admits it.  It rained last evening, in fact most of  the night.  The seat was not very wet when he found it around noon time.  Well that is another issue that was on his mind.

Noticed I wrote this in a second tense.

It is Friday evening and I will relax some and maybe even post a few more times one here.

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