Active day

Today began with bad vibrations, negative energy, and yes positivity.  I of course changed my phone number last evening, today I went to the bank and took care of my accounts and then the bank told me to go to the police office, I did and he told me that unless I lost something or gained something then no crime was committed.  He thanked me and they have had this same problem before.  He said that I did right in what I did.

I see the rain is back in town.  I have a new car 2017 that this morning I parked it because I heard a noise when I was coming up in speed.  I am not sure what it is and I do not know if I should drive it to the dealership or not.  It is a ways up there on the interstate.  I will have to call them tomorrow to see what they might think it is.  It is for sure under warranty.

The thunder sounds like it is in a bad mood.  I wish it would wait till bedtime I could stand the racket then.

HALCYON –  a bird identified with the kingfisher