Hacked hard.

My friends I am sadden to say I just got hacked into and almost played it out.  I called my bank, changed my phone number, and did some adjustments on my computer to satisfy security including a full scan.  Should it happen again or close to it I will have to reset the computer and start over.

A word to the wise, if someone calls saying the have a refund from Microsoft for something they did to your computer, stop it there and go no further with them.  They are crooks from somewhere else.  I still have things to do tomorrow but the day has come when I will not return a call if I do not know who it is from.

Be careful and smarter than I was.

7 thoughts on “Hacked hard.

    1. Yes sir, but when I saw what it was I took evasive action, I gained nor loss anything. I used the power switch “unplug” and got it all stopped. Been at the banks today, all done there, went to the police, they said thank you but you are not a victum so no crime. Changed my phone number and scan my computer 3 times with different software, no problems.

  1. Key fact is that often, they won’t have your name. It’s not an absolute, but especially over email, no company is going to address you as ‘Dear Customer!’.

    1. And you are so right, Thank you for the comment. I caught it in time before I got burnt. Be careful.

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