Bit of luck

I took a chance last week, I do believe it paid off.  I had been looking at professional camcorders, yes a bit expensive, but I almost bit the hook.  I was in a large pawn shop here in town and looking around and they had one for sale that was over priced.  How did I know that I looked it up on eBay.  The camcorder is an older Panasonic model, but highly rated in the industry.  In fact, BBC used the same camera in the gulf war for news shot.

So for interest, I asked the clerk if the price that he was asking fixed, he replied no.  He went in the back and came back out hoping I was gone I guess, I offered what eBay listed it for and I showed him.  He took my offer of $250 and he gave me a surprise also, a bag with extras in it.  Well of course the batteries were dead so I had to order batteries and a charger which I got this morning.  I am charging them now, I did remove one earlier to test the camera and it works great.  I pulled up YouTube and some of their videos on the camera and received first hand information button information.  I am settled down now with the new DSLR and the used Panasonic camcorder.  Much better than the $1199 – $99,975 models.  It may not be the most current but it fits my menu.

Ok I have salivated enough now.  A bit of luck for me.

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