Help my batteries are low

Thunder and I assume lightning had been going on for a while when the call to sleep came at 9:45 PM, I accepted and laid down.  I am not aware of what time it happen but I woke and found total darkness had taken over the apartment.  The attack of the zombies had moved on elsewhere, just not here.  At approximately 2:30 AM the power was restored I set all clocks and brought the computer back on-line.  Five minutes later it was off again for about 30 minutes.  At 3:07 AM it was back on and I again set the clocks and powered one computer, all looked good.  Accepting the fate of the night, I again retired to the bed for sleep.  The console for my help I can’t get up buttons began to cry help  the console batteries are low, and it is charging itself the whole time,  After the second cry out at about 4:25 AM I get up and check it out, I saw not problem with what it was doing so here I am posting a report.  I will be calling the provider of the help system in a short while for a decision on what is wrong.  I remain tired but not really sleepy at this time.

Frustrated, motivated, and positive all day.

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    1. Yes, this time it was two power outages during the night. Thank you for the come back

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