Preparations are made

Clothes are now washed, drying in process.  A completed task of tomorrow, now in the final stage.

Soon to medicate the final dose of today, the question remains will Melatonin defeat the zombies tonight.  I have surrendered myself to less food intake prior to bed.  That might be the aggravation that drives the zombies to wake me and force my eyes to remain open.

Tomorrow I have some papers to fill and organize prior to Wednesday’s meeting with the doctor.  It is a consult but I may be encouraged to submit to pressure when talking to him.

A goal has been established to remove the fur from my face.  I need to keep it removed because it drives me nuts.  The hair curls and digs into my skin causing discomfort.  Yes, tomorrow is the day.

I shall now make preparations for my final hour of activity today.  I wish that tomorrow shall be a productive one.

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