Paper products

This post was to be about how paper products are produced.  As it was pulled up on the computer to be read or viewed on You Tube various things were going wrong.  The video was the easy part, it no longer was available due to the producer was no longer associated with You Tube.

Many years ago tree bark was used to write on.  Parchment as it was called also used.  Today the world is blessed with so many different brands,  bonds,  colors, and uses as in boxes, copy, notes, books, and even clothes (not practical but has been done).

Some paper products are made of clothes or cloth.  Some of cotton, and others of old paper recycled.  Tree by products are also used in the form of waste wood.  They take a pulp log cut the lumber out and use the waste products to turn into fiber, to clean, press, heat, roll, and cut into a final product.

Years ago in towns where a paper mill was located, the air would have a fowl oder because of gases put out from the manufacturing process.  EPA, and others forced air clean up and the manufacturing companies had to filter the exhaust before releasing it into the air.

If one sit and thought about it, books and writings have been around for centuries.  Someone very smart came up with the how to and began the task of producing paper products.  It might have been because a use of poison Ivey leave a few times triggered a need, or a pocket full of bark dollars was too heavy.  The marvels of invention.

Paper products is the name, the process sounds simple, but it is never that easy.

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