Melatonin vs Zombies

A battle looms here about this morning: Melatonin vs Zombies.

For the average person, a time during the day is set aside for rest and sleep.  We had a slight loss of power on Friday, thanks to Georgia Power, a Southern Company, lol I had to say it that way because I own some stock in the company.  The power loss was throughout the whole town.  I don’t think the power was out for a full minute, but we had to reboot computers, reset clocks, and wait in lines until all is secure was given.  All is good.

Late night and early morning when the pets and people are sleeping elsewhere, and as I am doing right now up and listening.  You would think Zombie is sliding along the areas inside and outside banging on things.  I know it is the medal clanging as it cools off from a hot day.  It brings to mind when I was on the ship and as the water-cooled down so was the metal of the hull.  WOW!

I think I made it without talking about me, just events around me.  I really do not like being the subject of autobiographical conservation, even if I know the content well.  The battle continues and it appears that the Zombies has a slight edge of win over Melatonin. I do not think I experienced sleep apnea during the night to cause this but I can relate to yesterday when I was trying to crank my body up.  This whole event is associated especially with excessive daytime sleepiness.  So this saga shall go on and on.

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