Best Buy

Took a little trip up to Best Buy to window shop.  I am sad to say in one area car stereos I thought the offer was good.  In another area the area was nasty and a purchase did not give any items needed to operate the item that I was looking at.

The car stereo installed was a little less than $500.

The Sony Camcorder priced at $849,  Looked up on the phone and it came with some items necessary for the use at $848.

I ended up buying a Coke and leaving.  Now do not get me wrong I have bought from them before and I like the product a smart watch. $365.

I think I said once before that I will look at something at least 3 times before I decide to or not to buy.

I also looked at washer and dryers, I have been thinking about upgrading but not sure yet as the ones that I have are working good.

I get home and my sister calls me via video call.  We talked about 30-40 minutes.

Now back home and looking for some kind of content to express my opinion about.

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