A wasted day is behind

A wasted day it now behind me, the evening has started, and the night is to come.  I hope the rest of the time frame will be better than the first part of the day.  I was not sick, I just had a day when nothing would come together.  Last evening a fire alarm went off in the next set of apartments above me, of my building is on the same circuit and alarms were going off all over.  Two fire trucks showed up and of course my location is at the end and they both had to back out all the way to the gate.  For them it was a routine reset, for us it was a nightmare.  We, of course, are thankful that no one nor nothing of and substance was harmed.

So, today I have not been on the computer hardly at all.  Maybe, an hour at most.  The TV, which I have grown to hate, has not been on either until about an hour an a half ago.  I am not watching it, it is just in my ears right now as I do this communicate.  I see tomorrow as a good day for me to be more active.  At lease, it is my intentions.  I hope to have something to write about besides me, I know I am a very mysterious subject to follow.  I can’t even keep up with me, whenever I try to.  I would like to devote some effort to learing stories of nature or the past.  The future or present is too complicated to reminisce about in articular form.


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