Last evening the good Dr. Perry presented a word of interest so with the help of Merriam Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary I bring the results to you.

Resplendent – an adjective meaning shining brilliantly, lustrous.  Back in its latin days the word was resplendent; resplendens, a present participle of resplendëre to shine back.  It was first known use was in the 15th century.

Now a new content consideration: Style

Did you know that: number is normally used with nouns that can form a plural and can be used with a numeral;  it could be a number of things that caused the disruption.

Also, did you know that: amount is mainly used with nouns that denote a substance of concept that can’t be divided and counted up, some usages of amount is often criticized; and many people will regard it as an error.

Please note: the above is not a direct quote of the Unabridged Dictionary but in order to satisfy the meaning credit is given to M-W herewith.

Be aggressive, learn a new word a day, review the style guides, it is fun and communications will awe others.


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