This and that

Here I am doing what I do, most of the time anyway, trying to make sense of a few words composed together to make a read that others might understand. It is not clear if it even happens, not is it clear that the writer even knows what has been put on canvas for a publication in a form of communications.
I have a RSS feed but it is not compatible with anything that I have to work with, WP, etc. But you know I once was married and I guess we were compatible either as we each are in different directions now. That is another story for another day.
Well, I went up to the mailbox and I was looking for the check from the accident insurance of last week. I had spent the majority of yesterday on the phone trying to locate my claim and to find out the status of it. The check is in the mail and I have that in writing. I will look again tomorrow, then next week if I do not receive if by Saturday. I think they sent it by carrier pigeon.
I received a test this morning asking I could add some money to their electric bill, I am not sure if it was cut off or close to it. Anyway, I was also supposed to help the same person by going to pick them up and let them use my washer and dryer. I just tried to call them twice and can’t get them, And yes, I did add $10 to the power bill. I think that will be the last time because it like putting a match to it and the $10 is gone. They did find a job and will be going to work next Monday, I have already told them that I am no longer playing taxi for anyone.

I can imagine that a reader of this might say WHY IS THIS OLD MAN PUTTING HIS LAUNDRY ON HERE FOR OTHERS TO READ? You know I would probably ask the same question and not have the answer myself. My point is that if I tell my story maybe others, if anyone does, might read it and then think before being so nice to people who will not appreciate it. I know the very powerful two letter word NO! would work as well. I have to be careful with that word as well. People are taught to say no under many circumstances but it works part of the time not all of the time. Kids in schools re taught it from day on. It is just me expressing my situations of life and maybe other might compare if they need the comparison.
Thank you for reading and understanding, comments, likes appreciated


Last evening the good Dr. Perry presented a word of interest so with the help of Merriam Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary I bring the results to you.

Resplendent – an adjective meaning shining brilliantly, lustrous.  Back in its latin days the word was resplendent; resplendens, a present participle of resplendëre to shine back.  It was first known use was in the 15th century.

Now a new content consideration: Style

Did you know that: number is normally used with nouns that can form a plural and can be used with a numeral;  it could be a number of things that caused the disruption.

Also, did you know that: amount is mainly used with nouns that denote a substance of concept that can’t be divided and counted up, some usages of amount is often criticized; and many people will regard it as an error.

Please note: the above is not a direct quote of the Unabridged Dictionary but in order to satisfy the meaning credit is given to M-W herewith.

Be aggressive, learn a new word a day, review the style guides, it is fun and communications will awe others.



Thursday 7/12, I thought this month just started, heck it is about time for school to open again.  That is good, I am not going.

In medicine we have the braine, it has a cerebrum the thinking part of the brain.  So, of course, some doctor back in the early 2000s decided to modify and start a new word, any guesses?

Cerebrate – to use the mind, think:  i.e.  Do not cerebrate about what you are not going to do later.

I may have more later, I will have to cerebrate about it.