Wednesday retirement 7/11 to 7/12

Mr. President I make the motion that we retire soon,

Senator,  you are out-of-order,

But Mr. President, I have missed many meetings with people who needs my vote for their project at home.

Senator, you know that I do not lean toward lobbyist,

Senator, we shall adjourn within the next hour.

The story goes on and on and we never really see any results from the efforts of those who try to do right for the voters.  Back in the day when I worked I was able to see some results for my effort, today the results may or may not be quality.

We are a free country and individuals and our GODs watches over us each step of the day.  I shall retire to bed shortly and I will awake on 7/12.


The word first came into play in 1609.  It relates to tricks in law or governments.  It is a noun meaning deception by artful subterfuge, pettifogging.  I actually got three words for the price of one, I have never heard of subterfuge or pettifogging.

Pettifogging – the act of a pettifogger; having little or no significance or importance

Subterfuge –  deception by artifice or stratagem to conceal, escape, avoid, or evade, a deceptive device or stratagem

Stratagem – an artifice or trick in war for deceiving and outwitting the enemy

I intended to be more active today but I got tied up tracking down my repair check from the insurance company.  Well they lost the location of what they were doing, even changed the claim number and did not tell me.  I was smoking, until they put a technician on the phone and we found the problem.  I even was sent out to retake the photos and resend them to the insurance company for evaluation.  I should get it tomorrow unless it gets lost in the snail mail.

Maybe tomorrow will be better or later tonight.  I hope these little inputs are helpful and fun.

Wednesday 7/11

Wednesday 7/11, no not the 7 come 11 dice game, but a positive day, midweek, and unique within itself.

  • Nimiety – noun – excess, redundancy
  • Kin to  a latin family of many centuries: 1. nimietas – noun, 2. nimius – adjective excessive (nimius is the original of family tree), 3. Nimious – excessive or extravagant (the only English relative)

Just remember when you are out today do not be nimiety in what you are  doing or saying.  I have to remember that!

Another question of the day:  Given the three sides of a triangle 6, 8, 10  what type of triangle is it?

Ok enough of games for today.  I will drop by later with some interest.