Tuesday 7/10

On Tuesday 7/10 we wake to a new job offered to replace one that has a job but retiring and one that has a job wants to move up.  supreme Court people movement program.  Yep, I know better words are there for saying what I just said but today I am difficult.  I must remember that I have been off my routine for a couple of days and a bit rusty.  I would like velle the retirement to be bene and the replacement to be benevolent and not malevolent with his decision-making while in office.  He will possess much volition and of course we all hope wisely at best.

A little practice of words there, most likely they are terribly wrong in the way I used them but I need the practice. lol.

  • bene – good
  • velle – to wish
  • benevolent – doing good
  • malevolent – doing ill
  • velleity – lowest degree of volition, a slight wish or tendency,
      1. a wish or inclination not strong enough to lead to action
  • volition – power of making one’s choices or decision

Well, enough of my unsuccessful education of words for today.   I am working on it each day now.  So, what is on the agenda for today?  I am working on it, for sure, I am pulled in many directions right now so I really do not have a complete answer.  I hope to learn something of value later today.  I do remain positive and directive.  I hope my decisions will be just and of value to me in the long run.

But today is still Tuesday 7/10 and early within, so much is subject to change later.

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