Tuesday 7/10 late edition

I have been neglecting myself the past few days, why?, I do not know was busy yesterday but today I really have no excuse and I really did nothing all day.  It is getting late here and I will retire in a short while and hopefully will rest very comfortably tonight.

Tomorrow I have a couple of Amazon packages coming, in fact I will be on schedule to receive something each day this week.  I will see how that works out.  I have a couple of checks on the way also and I am looking for them for sure to put in the bank, even if I do not like banks.  Hopefully tomorrow I will get the good check and the other can wait a day or two.

I have been looking at movie cameras and I have to be careful or I will buy one.  I do not really need one that expensive but I know my habits normally if I come back a third time to look at it i will buy it.

I tried to watch some movies this evening and I could not get interested in them.  I do know what cause me to react that way but I have no problem with as the shows really were not that good.  I do not know the name of but one and it was Luther.

Ok I will conclude this for the evening and I will call it Tuesday 7/10 late edition.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday 7/10 late edition

  1. Movies are always touch and go. I try to check out Netflix and sometimes something will strike me but I tend to have to be in the mood. If not I’ll watch maybe five minutes s if that. Thank you for sharing your day with us. And good luck in finding a camera. I’ll be sharing this in my Twitter.

    1. I use Netflix, Hulu, Ragu, and Fire stick all the time. I use cable just for other things like this. Thank you for your input and support.

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