A word that I learned a few days back of which I can relate.  The story behind it is when I was an early teen, we had an ice storm come through and many power lines were broken.  They of course did not have the power lines like they do today.  Anyway, I still had to do homework and we had an old kerosene lamp that I had to use for light to study by.  I will say this right here, it is not good on your eyes if you are used to electric lights.  So lucubration is a good word for this story because it means laborious or intense study all night by a candle or lamp.

The word is derived from a Latin verb Lucubrare which means to work by lamplight.

I just thought that I would throw these into the fire to encourage you to appreciate the electric lights that you have.

Tuesday 7/10 late edition

I have been neglecting myself the past few days, why?, I do not know was busy yesterday but today I really have no excuse and I really did nothing all day.  It is getting late here and I will retire in a short while and hopefully will rest very comfortably tonight.

Tomorrow I have a couple of Amazon packages coming, in fact I will be on schedule to receive something each day this week.  I will see how that works out.  I have a couple of checks on the way also and I am looking for them for sure to put in the bank, even if I do not like banks.  Hopefully tomorrow I will get the good check and the other can wait a day or two.

I have been looking at movie cameras and I have to be careful or I will buy one.  I do not really need one that expensive but I know my habits normally if I come back a third time to look at it i will buy it.

I tried to watch some movies this evening and I could not get interested in them.  I do know what cause me to react that way but I have no problem with as the shows really were not that good.  I do not know the name of but one and it was Luther.

Ok I will conclude this for the evening and I will call it Tuesday 7/10 late edition.

Tuesday 7/10

On Tuesday 7/10 we wake to a new job offered to replace one that has a job but retiring and one that has a job wants to move up.  supreme Court people movement program.  Yep, I know better words are there for saying what I just said but today I am difficult.  I must remember that I have been off my routine for a couple of days and a bit rusty.  I would like velle the retirement to be bene and the replacement to be benevolent and not malevolent with his decision-making while in office.  He will possess much volition and of course we all hope wisely at best.

A little practice of words there, most likely they are terribly wrong in the way I used them but I need the practice. lol.

  • bene – good
  • velle – to wish
  • benevolent – doing good
  • malevolent – doing ill
  • velleity – lowest degree of volition, a slight wish or tendency,
      1. a wish or inclination not strong enough to lead to action
  • volition – power of making one’s choices or decision

Well, enough of my unsuccessful education of words for today.   I am working on it each day now.  So, what is on the agenda for today?  I am working on it, for sure, I am pulled in many directions right now so I really do not have a complete answer.  I hope to learn something of value later today.  I do remain positive and directive.  I hope my decisions will be just and of value to me in the long run.

But today is still Tuesday 7/10 and early within, so much is subject to change later.

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