Sunday 7/8 positivity

It is Sunday 7/8 already, fast month, and I am so positive today and I am not sure how I am going to use it.  The last couple of days I have been bias, I guess because of the visits that I went to during the week and the little accident that I was involved in on Monday.  I am thankful that no one got hurt because of it.

I need to find something interesting to get into today.  umm? Now what could that be?  IDK (I don’t know) for all of you none texting people.  I learnt it from a 3-year-old and I felt so out of touch in my own world.  Yes, in the military I use a lot of acronyms when I was in the Army more so.  Using acronyms is a major reason that my grammar is so rusty, but I think I have made much progress since I started doing this.

I need more stories like Happy Bird.  I found one about crickets with actual sound tracks but I could not download the tracks to WP which would make a story very interesting. To think about all of the animals, people and insects live together on this earth and we still do not get along.  It is sad that it has to be that way.

I remain positive today, and will share some with others as I can.

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