A new computer

This HP “All-In-One” computer is a life saver when it comes to wires hanging everywhere.  The only wires hanging for now are the mouse, keyboard and power.  It contains all other components within the display unit.  It has 1TB hard drive.  It is almost as fast as grease lightning.

Ok, enough on new toys.  I have been lazy today so far, I need to get up and do something even if it is wrong. lol, I am actually waiting on a package from Amazon,  They said Sunday but I think more like tomorrow.  I ordered at one time and my order is coming from 5 different places which means different dates.  I did clean my kitchen table off and it was actually still here where I had left  it some time ago.  My deep freeze was found also as I cleaned things in here.  Oh, do not take what I say to mean that I am trashy, I am not, I clutter and leave for later and I should not do that. lol.  I like things to be clean and stand out as special things.  I am slowly getting back to that life.  Also I am not OCD even if I could be if I let myself.  Not going to happen.

My life with my new pretty computer.

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