Happy bird

I must admit that I do not speak or understand chirp very well.  Friday morning as I was up and moving around I began hearing happy sounds of birds strong chirps coming from the trees across from the parking facility here at the apartment.  I have to assume that it is the weather being so nice and making the birds feel so happy.  I do not know when the birds will or have begun the training of young.  They have to be trained and qualified to live in the wild before they start south for the fall months.  I am sure many of us over the years have gotten too close to a nest and either mama bird or poppy bird would attack, telling you to stay away.  Many animals have the urge to training their young and to give them a chance to live a full life in the wild,

The snake on the other hand will place the egg or live birth their young and leave them to fend for themselves.  No songs of joy, no family discussions on how many people did you scare today son or daughter.  Enought, about crawly creatures, the title is about birds.

The southern migrations will begin within the next few months, then will reverse migrate late spring of next year.  They, for sure, get a lot of travel rewards as much as they travel and set up a household each year.  A bird, is a bird, is a bird, not just a word.