Today my plans were changed due to a call from the insurance calling me yesterday for my address and phone number she said that I did not need to go today and meet with anyone, that she was cutting the check right then and sending it to me. It might come tomorrow, and I hope it does, but most likely Monday or Tuesday.
So, today I just sit around re doing mostly nothing all day. I did make an order of some things that I needed from Amazon.
Today now is Saturday 7/7.
What are my plans today? About the same as yesterday, do nothing, maybe do some food shopping or order online from a local store. I will see about that when it gets here. I do like this all in one computer that I got myself the other week. I do not like the wired keyboard or mouse. I did go and buy a wireless keyboard and mouse, but the computer does not react to what it is told to do. So, I tied the wired rig back up and it works great. I moved the setup into the dining area as I have my laptop and other desktop on my desk. I think I will like it batter now like I have it set up.
I am closing this out for bed now.

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