The visit is over

Today I went into Atlanta for the eye exam.  I was not aware that I  had been there before, but the had a record on me of 2011.  I do not like the hospital, nor do I like that doctor DMD.  It is what it is, so it is now over, I am home awaiting the results of the visit.  I was dilated and I drove back, nervous but I made it home.  My sight has returned to mostly normal.  Of course he could not tell me anything, He acted as a smart rump if I had to describe him.

I do not know of any other outside doctors that I have to tend with.  I do believe the fact that I had a record with his office, I will get a good report in my favor.  A lot has happen to my sight since 2011 so he has to present that for the record.

I received a call a bit ago about the accident and I will be receiving a check via mail, so I do not have to go tomorrow and see anyone.  The check if reasonable.