A kids day at bat

Bill is sitting in the bleachers watching kids of his age play baseball.  Joey, walks up and ask Bill, “Why are you not playing Bill?”

Bill responds in a sad way, “They do not want me to play with them.”  “I’ve played before but they told me that I was no good and to sit on the bleachers.”

Joey, confused by this, says to Bill, “Then I will sit in the bleachers with you, Bill, and if they ask me to play I will tell them only if you can play then I will play.”

Robert, one of the kids now playing ball, did turn and seen Joey and called out to Joey to come and play ball with them.  Joey in keeping his word told Robert, “No, not today, I will sit here with Bill and watch the game.”

Robert to Joey, “Ah, come on Joey we need you on a team!”

Joey, “No Robert, you did not need Bill on a team, then you do not need me either.”

Robert to Joey, “Bill, is not a good player, he is clumsy and keeps missing the ball.”

Joey to Robert, “If Bill can’t play nor can I, we all had to start somewhere and learn how to play ball, Bill is just like the rest of us.”

Robert to Joey and Bill, “Ok you both come and play.”

The game was tied with two on bases, Bill was up to bat, the first pitch Bill misses, the second pitch, Bill hit the ball so hard that it went over the fence and his team beat Robert’s team by two runs.

Robert walked away and did not say anything to Joey or Bill as he departed.

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