Tuesday 7/3

During the reign of the night, at some point, I ran out of sleep.  I was up for a while, I was down for a while, and now I am down for the good of the day.  It is called restless, sleepless, sleep apnea, and probably other words that I am not familiar with.  Non the less, I still ran out of whatever it is called.  I am sure that at some point I will either sit in my recliner, or be so tired that I will go and lay down for an hour or two.

I just remembered that at 9:15 AM today I will have to submit to lab work.  Now this means that I will be unable to eat or drink anything for a while before the labs.  At about 3:00 AM I did drink a diet coke, but I will not tell any one that I forgot.  It is not a cholesterol lab anyway.  Food or no food, one thing for sure, I am not going to Atlanta today, Thursday, yes.  I do have a busy morning for today, the auto insurance company visit, the lab work, and a person wants to borrow my vacuum and stain remover because of spilled milk.

Oh it must be Tuesday 7/3.  My Merriam-Webster Unabridged said the word for a day is regardless.  It also said that the word irregardless is not a word but in 1920 came into use in speeches.  So I guess we can say irregardless is and is not a valid word.  Today is still Tuesday 7/3.

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