Darkness reigns again

At the sports-plex the bands are playing, people are having fun and soon fire works will fill the sky.  In some places the noise of fire works are already blasting at private parties.  I remember days and nights that I use to enjoy this kind of entertainment, I no longer do, I just do not like the traffic and lines that are generated by activities like these.  Let the young have fun and enjoy life to the fullest, who knows what will be in store for them in later years.  I hope no harm on anyone, I wish we all could be in good health and have much fun in our years here.  I enjoy what I do, because I have adjusted to my life as it is and I will make the best of it for my well-being.

Ol Darkness reign over your flock and protect all of your sheep to-night and each night hereafter.  My GOD allows you to protect and allow hours of good rest and relaxation for all under your reign.  Ol Darkness reign again.

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