Happy Birthday America

To all you special people, “AMERICANS”, tomorrow is our birthday. I had a car hit my SUV yesterday, it hurt the rear bumper and I have his insurance working on it $wise now. Be careful and safe as always, It is not always you that has to be watched the other person around you. So enjoy yourself and have fun. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA AND AMERICANS. For those of us that have served and protected this great country, GODs speed and THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE.

Darkness reigns again

At the sports-plex the bands are playing, people are having fun and soon fire works will fill the sky.  In some places the noise of fire works are already blasting at private parties.  I remember days and nights that I use to enjoy this kind of entertainment, I no longer do, I just do not like the traffic and lines that are generated by activities like these.  Let the young have fun and enjoy life to the fullest, who knows what will be in store for them in later years.  I hope no harm on anyone, I wish we all could be in good health and have much fun in our years here.  I enjoy what I do, because I have adjusted to my life as it is and I will make the best of it for my well-being.

Ol Darkness reign over your flock and protect all of your sheep to-night and each night hereafter.  My GOD allows you to protect and allow hours of good rest and relaxation for all under your reign.  Ol Darkness reign again.

Writing an Art or Talent

If I take a pad of paper a pen, a computer, or some other tool to transpose words to paper so that they make sense to the educated and the non-educated alike.  Placing nouns, adjectives, adverbs, dangling participles, and all of the other modifiers alike in just the right places allowing complete understanding.  You do not have to do the old diagram technique as taught some fifty years ago.  You use qualified words of description that brings the color out to you when you read it.

As in a painting the color brushed onto the canvas in certain directions to show a point of vision, shadow effect, the place of color so that it looks so real that you could step right in and be part of it.  A painting is representative of Art as is music.  Now music most of the time starts out as a poem of sort.  The placement of notes is like the placement of words to present a picture of a read or concert.

If I tried to sit here that tell you that all, written word, music scores, paintings, and the statutes of the Roman days are all the gifts of artist to the world to enjoy.  Each method will tell a story.  Each method is a talent of the person doing the composition.  The performer of the talent is the artist doing the work.  Art and talent are both a requirement for great works.

I profess not to be a good user of words, oils, tools or any other communication device of the arts.  I only wish I had half the talent of many that write on here.  I know it is not a task mastered overnight, contrariwise, it is a talent learned by doing, changing, and presenting to be admired.  A story will be told at the end of the task.

Tuesday 7/3

During the reign of the night, at some point, I ran out of sleep.  I was up for a while, I was down for a while, and now I am down for the good of the day.  It is called restless, sleepless, sleep apnea, and probably other words that I am not familiar with.  Non the less, I still ran out of whatever it is called.  I am sure that at some point I will either sit in my recliner, or be so tired that I will go and lay down for an hour or two.

I just remembered that at 9:15 AM today I will have to submit to lab work.  Now this means that I will be unable to eat or drink anything for a while before the labs.  At about 3:00 AM I did drink a diet coke, but I will not tell any one that I forgot.  It is not a cholesterol lab anyway.  Food or no food, one thing for sure, I am not going to Atlanta today, Thursday, yes.  I do have a busy morning for today, the auto insurance company visit, the lab work, and a person wants to borrow my vacuum and stain remover because of spilled milk.

Oh it must be Tuesday 7/3.  My Merriam-Webster Unabridged said the word for a day is regardless.  It also said that the word irregardless is not a word but in 1920 came into use in speeches.  So I guess we can say irregardless is and is not a valid word.  Today is still Tuesday 7/3.