Preparing for my journey

I am preparing for my journey into Atlanta for the medical review today.  I say review, it is basically a tickle of my feet and maybe a blood flow test.  Any way, they asked for the test so I will abridge them by going up there.  It could hurt if I did not go, but I do not see any additional advantage by going when the same test is done by three different doctors here at home.  I am going early in hopes of getting in early and it over with.  The last time I went to one of these I was two hours early and I got in and out in no time.  Even then to leave their parking facility I had to turn right go down and U-turn in order to get back to the highway.

The test on Thursday is an eye exam inclusive with dilation.  The dilation part is what scares me because I am driving back.  I will be cautious for sure on my return.


2 thoughts on “Preparing for my journey

  1. Prayers and faith works a lot.. so you keep ur confidence and strength which you have carried till now and have the belief in almighty an our prayers are with u to give you the more needed strength.. all the best..

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