The doctor visit went well, we resolved one issue that has been suspicious to me for some time.

Part of the day was adventurous to say the least.  Glade both parties had their insurance and no was hurt.

I am down for the day, plotting some cookies for the next few days.

On my way back home

All went well at the  doctor office,  On the way home was different.

Driving back from East Point, GA today, I had a sudden stop in front of me and I got stopped without a hit, however, a nice man hit me from behind. My SUV does not show real damage but his car was fiberglass or plastic and it was shattered. H told the officer that he would drive it to where he was going just up the road, the officer told him you are on your own. I am home, already called the insurance company and will see them tomorrow. It will be a couple of days before we get the papers. No one was hurt and I am happy about that.

Preparing for my journey

I am preparing for my journey into Atlanta for the medical review today.  I say review, it is basically a tickle of my feet and maybe a blood flow test.  Any way, they asked for the test so I will abridge them by going up there.  It could hurt if I did not go, but I do not see any additional advantage by going when the same test is done by three different doctors here at home.  I am going early in hopes of getting in early and it over with.  The last time I went to one of these I was two hours early and I got in and out in no time.  Even then to leave their parking facility I had to turn right go down and U-turn in order to get back to the highway.

The test on Thursday is an eye exam inclusive with dilation.  The dilation part is what scares me because I am driving back.  I will be cautious for sure on my return.


I ask a cricket



  • I ask a cricket for directions
  • The cricket replied, chirp, chirp in a loud stern voice
  • Sorry oh boy, I replied, I do not understand chirp
  • Another cricket tried to help in a different tone
  • Neither of the two could I understand.
  • Finally yonder I saw the farmer so I go to him and ask directions
  • The farmer, I understood, kinda
  • Down the road to the old Jones homestead, left three miles
  • To the old Rogers homestead, right four miles by the old oak tree.
  • As I walked away I began to wonder if they even knew where they are.


This morning I was having a friendly conversation with my friends  I have noted that spell check does not know the word canicular, and again it flagged in two places and not the other locations.  We talk daily now that we are friends.  Now that we are officially in July, we entered into the canicular months of the year..  Canicular is a by-product of a word meaning dog.  The canicular season is from July to September.  In my many studies it is said to end a post with a request for action, so here is one:  If you do not know the word, look it up, become friends with and use it somewhere.