Sunday 7/1

Good morning July 1, 2018.  I woke to wash clothes, I have to run to Wal-Mart across the street, and from there I do not know what I may be doing.

I was at a site that I use, it is a good site to follow a diet and know what you are eating.  The basic is free, the premium is $9.99 a month, no ads and a bit more to it also.  I notice that they have a Blog and I got to reading some of them.  The Blog in this site is community related to encourage, discourage, and to mentor others to do what is right to control weight and wellness.  I noted two entries I added some years back and I did not realize what it meant nor what I was even talking about.  Kinda like weight watcher’s comments etc.

I feel pretty good today, tomorrow I have to go to the Nurse practitioner so she can tickle my feet, then I get drive back during rush hour.  I am so excited.  I have Labs on Tuesday, holiday on Wednesday, Dilated eye exam on Thursday just before rush hour, and so far I am clear on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  But as is said Life goes on.

Good Morning  July 1/18.

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