I’ve had better days

Today has been one of those days.  Regular customer getting asked to leave and not come back, he raised a ruckus and the manager called him outside and had a few words.  The customer said that he was going to call the main office and tell them some nasty things about the employees there.  One person said that they miss all, I said  to her you do not need to be involved with that mess.

I have quit going there because I did not like many things that was going on.  To some it is funny, others it is childish for grown people to act bad in public places.

I continued to receive calls about borrowing from me.  One even called wanting to borrow my vacuum because it has a liquid processor on it.  I have said again that this bank is closed for business.  Just because I have a $1 more that someone else does not mean that I am obligated to pass it on to someone else on a just be cause basis.

I am gone until sometime tomorrow,   I will have a busy week this coming week because of the trip to the doctors in Atlanta.  But when these are over with I should be done with the outside testing and be on my way to a conclusion.

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