Back from Wal-Mart

I went up there, picked up a few things, stood in line for a bit, then returned home, well almost home I stopped at Burger King and grabbed me a meal to go.  When I returned I put the clothes in the dryer, fixed one my SUV electronic keys by changing the battery.   I am all done for now.  I am going to try to learn something new today, I do not know what right now, but something, I am behind on my smarts.

I may learn how to wash dishes, vacuum the floor, and from there I do not know.  I may start a couple more post or finish one of which I have already started.  I have considered some other content but My GOD made them so complicated that I am not sure I would ever figure them out myself.  They do not come with books to learn from.  Well anyway I am back from Wal-Mart.  Now to rest.

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