A new effort

Due to my big TV getting struck by lightning a few nights ago and it will not wake up, I went out today and bought me a new 40″ TV and one of these all in one computers.  Did I need one, of course not, if I needed one I probably would have never bought it. lol  This HP computer is all contained in the display unit.  The hard drive is 1TBS.  This is what I have doing all day is getting the computer ready for important events, and the TV sit up and using only Firestick and the Rogu.  Working great.  I do not like this key board for the new computer it is wired USB.  I will be getting another wireless set again soon.

Really nothing new has happened, I did not say no to a couple of people last night and I know it that it has cost me.  Many bills got paid anyway today also.

I will be back in the near future with something, I just do not have any idea right now.

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