Wednesday 6/27

It is Wednesday 6/27 at 3:30 AM EST and I am semi awake.  My dear body woke me with pain this AM.  I call it elbowitis but I think the medical term is arthritis and it is in my right elbow area.  Now it could be something else but I do have arthritis, the pain type and not the deform type, in various parts of my body.  I am also blessed with active neuropathy from the knees down on both legs and my finger tips.  Additionally, I am also blessed with moderate nonproliferative diabetic retinopathy of the eyes.

People would say why would you want to tell the world how messed up you are and you know they really do not care because most can’t relate to your conditions.  I write about it just to tell a story of my life, you care or you do not care, it does not matter to me.  I feel better when I talk about it.  If others are sitting around talking about their situations, and I say something about my situation, do they care, no, their conditions are important to them not my condition.   Sometime just knowing that someone else shares their situation and you can relate to it, it will make you feel not alone with yours.

If I addressed all my ills I could compose 20 pages easy, in no time.  Some of them the doctor says, others I know them personally.  Either way a doctor has been involved in talking, testing, etc about the problems.

I think I said something about dealing with Veterans Affairs for additional disability.  I received a call yesterday and even when I sent them the same questionnaire filled by my doctor, I am having to go out and get reevaluated by someone who they assigned me to.  I go next Monday to Atlanta to see a NP for my nerve damage in my lower legs.  The the lady asked me if I would drive 100 miles in one way to see an eye doctor for an eye evaluation.  I told her that it was stupid, but yes I would go if so assigned.  But, I will have to go alone and of course they will want to dilate the eyes so you can not see the rush hour traffic.  Anyway, I await the schedule for the eye doctor.

I get a call last evening from the person that I have been helping in her job interviews by taking her to the meetings.  Here is the deal, she has a good possibility of having a job real close to where she lives.  The interview today is probably 40 + miles from my house which is 14 miles from her house and she wants me to take her because she does not have her drivers permit, insurance, and tag yet.  It will pay $5 more than the other job.  I am sorry this old boy is not going to be her taxi each day to and from.  Oh well, I did say that I’d take her for the interview but she was on her own from there.

I am sorry my friends, I just needed to vent a few minutes.  Thank you for understanding how an old man needs a vent pipe to let the pressure off sometimes.

It is Wednesday 6/27.

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