Calling it an evening

I think very soon I will be calling it an evening.  I went out this morning for an hour or two and ate some eggs and stuff.  When I came home I had plans which fell thru so I never really got started on the plans.  I tried and kept falling asleep when I was needed to do something else.  I went into the bedroom and laid down for a bit 1.5 hours to be exact.  Slept good.

I discovered that I am stressed with all that has been happening to me these last few days, my fault because I let things happen.  Be it as it maybe, I have seen things that I do turn out wrong and so it has to be a stress.  Now that I know about it I think I can fix that part of the problem, I just have to slow down and take it easy.

The morning will open into Thursday 6/28, no long weekend for the country this weekend.  The holiday will not be until Wednesday 7/4.  I guess I was right the first time when I said Thursday 7/5 would be when I would go to the eye doctor for the VA check up.  You see stress has my head all messed up.  It is fixed now, I just dropped it onto the floor and I heard it rattle, so it for sure is broken now.

Ok, to you great people out in the many lands of the world, have a great safe night/day and stay positive.

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