What a morning

Wow, what a morning so far and it is only 6:17 AM Est.  I woke early for some reason and so I got up and came to the computer for a bit and it has been down hill from there.  I think I have this thing making some sense now.  Maybe it is not a smart computer, lol.  I had an upgrade to WP so it was downloaded.  I was jammed up on WP for a while and could not move nothing around.  An old OneDrive was “over full” and I had to deal with that.  I use to have Office 365 Home, now I have Office 365 Business Premium with 1T OneDrive.  It is totally lost.  Robot cars you are next.

I had lightening knock on my door last night and I think it took out my Fire Stick, and a USB charging hub that I have two of.  One works and the other does not.  The computer is ok, the big screen TV, use as a monitor, is dead again.  I have it aside letting it simmer down some and maybe it will come back on.  It has before.  I am using the little TV as a monitor but the screen is not big enought to cover the whole page.  I have adjusted it some but about all that I can.  I love electronics but I hate it when it does not work right. lol.  Like a car or whatever one might be close to in their lives.

I guess now I can just go ahead and work on things that need my attention and see what I might accomplish today.  Yesterday I was digging into a pocket and found $5 that I did not know that I had.  For this fun day ahead, I remain positive.

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