Companies that overcharge

I could get in trouble with some of my government providers if they saw this and put my name with it.  I just do not give a damn should this happen.

I went to one of my insurance sites this morning to look at a claim that had cleared.  I noted the details for test strips and lancet. One claim was up into the $400 brackets.  I do know first hand, that I can go online and locate at least three or four vendors that will sell me direct twice the product for near that cost.  I was happy to see the insurance authorized a lower value and paid the difference than what the primary insurance had paid.

In my complaint to my insurance company, I did ask if I bought the product out of my pocket would then reimburse me for the cost that I paid.  I have no reply as of it.  I will be interested to find out what they say.  I noted also one doctor that I use charged over $400 for a 15 minute visit.  I have specialist type doctors that charge half that much and do more in time and other things that he does and he is primary.

Wow, Well Jabberwocky got excited again.

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