Another day like that

A friend’s wife for some reason went driving at 5:30AM this morning and pulled out in front of another car.  Now due to bleeding on the brain she has to be carried to Atlanta to a hospital for further treatments.  Both cars were totaled.

She has some bad medical problems and has to be treated with a special medication.  She told my friend that she does not know why she went driving or what happened.  His daughter is Birmingham being treated for some kind of cancer.  He is 75 and not in the best of health himself.  I have to wish them all the best with prayers.  It 1995 I almost lost my youngest son to a car wreck, luckily a nurse was behind him and called it in and he was lifeflighted to Atlanta.  He had some brain bruise removed.  He is for most part ok now.

Yep, it is another day like that.

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