Another day like that

A friend’s wife for some reason went driving at 5:30AM this morning and pulled out in front of another car.  Now due to bleeding on the brain she has to be carried to Atlanta to a hospital for further treatments.  Both cars were totaled.

She has some bad medical problems and has to be treated with a special medication.  She told my friend that she does not know why she went driving or what happened.  His daughter is Birmingham being treated for some kind of cancer.  He is 75 and not in the best of health himself.  I have to wish them all the best with prayers.  It 1995 I almost lost my youngest son to a car wreck, luckily a nurse was behind him and called it in and he was lifeflighted to Atlanta.  He had some brain bruise removed.  He is for most part ok now.

Yep, it is another day like that.

Companies that overcharge

I could get in trouble with some of my government providers if they saw this and put my name with it.  I just do not give a damn should this happen.

I went to one of my insurance sites this morning to look at a claim that had cleared.  I noted the details for test strips and lancet. One claim was up into the $400 brackets.  I do know first hand, that I can go online and locate at least three or four vendors that will sell me direct twice the product for near that cost.  I was happy to see the insurance authorized a lower value and paid the difference than what the primary insurance had paid.

In my complaint to my insurance company, I did ask if I bought the product out of my pocket would then reimburse me for the cost that I paid.  I have no reply as of it.  I will be interested to find out what they say.  I noted also one doctor that I use charged over $400 for a 15 minute visit.  I have specialist type doctors that charge half that much and do more in time and other things that he does and he is primary.

Wow, Well Jabberwocky got excited again.

What a morning

Wow, what a morning so far and it is only 6:17 AM Est.  I woke early for some reason and so I got up and came to the computer for a bit and it has been down hill from there.  I think I have this thing making some sense now.  Maybe it is not a smart computer, lol.  I had an upgrade to WP so it was downloaded.  I was jammed up on WP for a while and could not move nothing around.  An old OneDrive was “over full” and I had to deal with that.  I use to have Office 365 Home, now I have Office 365 Business Premium with 1T OneDrive.  It is totally lost.  Robot cars you are next.

I had lightening knock on my door last night and I think it took out my Fire Stick, and a USB charging hub that I have two of.  One works and the other does not.  The computer is ok, the big screen TV, use as a monitor, is dead again.  I have it aside letting it simmer down some and maybe it will come back on.  It has before.  I am using the little TV as a monitor but the screen is not big enought to cover the whole page.  I have adjusted it some but about all that I can.  I love electronics but I hate it when it does not work right. lol.  Like a car or whatever one might be close to in their lives.

I guess now I can just go ahead and work on things that need my attention and see what I might accomplish today.  Yesterday I was digging into a pocket and found $5 that I did not know that I had.  For this fun day ahead, I remain positive.

Tuesday 6/26

I had labs scheduled today but due to a child being sick all is being changed.  I explained the issue yesterday so I will not dwell on it any longer unless I hear good news from it.  I am not sure if they will hire a new NP for the job or increase the workload of another in-house NP.

The person that I have been helping in improving their personal problems and life, in general, will maybe know if their job came through today.  Two interviews, and according to what I hear they want her as a recruiter.  I never knew she knew anything about recruiting but she is very private.

At this time I have no other issues pressing.  I plan on remaining positive and unstressed all day and for the rest of the week as well.

It is Tuesday 6/26 all day.