A child with cancer

I had a lab appointment for tomorrow so I called to confirm it and found out that all appointments related to my NP had been canceled.  My NP’s daughter has a cancer and so she is no longer there to practice.  The office is trying to figure out what to do with all of her patients.  The clerk that I talked to told me that she would let me know later this week what to do.  I was saddened to hear she is gone, and I respect her for wanting to help her daughter.  Cancer is nasty, the treatment for cancer is horrific.

A child with cancer regardless who they are, where their from, I feel for each and every one.  My prayers go out for each of them.

Monday 6/25

In six days the year will be half gone. Oh where, oh where has this year gone?  July 1 to Dec 31 should bring the scale of 2018 into equalization.  Right now the scale is tipped heavy on the first half accomplishments.  In November we will have the mid-term elections, that will be turning point in equalization, but should the election go wrong it could also be a disaster to our economy and way of life for years to come.  I can not sit here and qualify the right way or wrong way with this post.

Equalization can become disrupted easy by continuation of so much distortion within the government an/or among the populations of nations.  A people who does the work, and a government that takes a third of the income as taxation just to waste it in a non-beneficial way is wrong.  A people that does not the work, and a government that gives excessively back to those again is wrong.

A government, as do people, should be forced to live within its means, not borrow so much that it can not pay back within reason.  No government on this GOD’s green acre should be a free bank to other governments that misuse the people, the food, and the investments within to help those in need.  It is time for equalization.

It is Monday 6/25.