Sunday 6/24

Saturday morning, I was up early and I did a post Saturday 6/23 early addition, I did go back to bed and at 7:15 AM I got up.  Once up, I did my coffee routine etc., but for some reason I could not get motivated or involved in anything. So my day basically stopped when I got up.  I did do a few comments and read a few post.

Today has started out good so far so I will have to wait to see where it will carry me.  I really do not want another day like yesterday, but I know it is nature to have good and bad days.  I will say this about yesterday, it did rain quite a bit.  As far as activities today, I really do not have anything going on.  I have a few ideas jotted down from yesterday but no action with them yet.

To be honest, I looked at the stats last evening and I do not think I was the only one not motivated.  But as I once said, everything will be alright.

I am positive minded today and thinking ahead.  It is Sunday 6/24.

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