A smart reminder from a watch

Yesterday I was resetting my watch.  I tried something that I had never used before, which was to tell it that I wanted to do something today.  Five minutes ago my phone sent me a message to buy some Cokes today.  The watch is on charge right now so I guess it could not tell me or it was going to give me two notices if I was wearing the watch now.  The watch is a Fossel brand, suppose to be a smart phone, and it is pretty smart for a watch.  I wanted one of the watch phones, but even if this one has a phone on it, and I can in fact dial out with it, I will have to talk on the phone itself.

Back when I was a kid, I use to watch a lot of cartoons and a detective, can’t remember his name, could communicate with his watch.  I thought then that was neat, but today it is possible.  The other agent that had a shoe phone, now that was also neat, and no,, we do not have it yet.

Technology, isn’t it wonderful.  I do not know if they even teach resistance, capacitors, inductors, or even transistors or not in basic electronics.  Every aspect of electronics today in hyper fast and so small to the eye.  Heck, they have chips that they can implant into your skin and track you from the satellites.  I love technology, but my clock is analog meaning it is like the old cell phones and will fade away.

I read a short time ago that they are calling for rain at 2:30 today.  Sunny into the upper 80’s.  When I was a kid, the Farmer’s Almanac was the weather guide.

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