Cell Phone bans

Let me tell a little story, not true, but could be.

Old James is driving down the road one day and something happens, an accident, or sickness.  Either way an emergency.  He has a cell phone just for that reason, also a push “Help me, I’ve fallen and can’t get up” button.  Now, the button is out of range, the phone is at home by law, and you do not see a lot of traffic to ask for help.  What do you do?

July 1st my state has a law going into effect to make it illegal for a driver to have their phone on or around their person.  I also understand that the GPS units will also be ticketed.  So unless you have Onstar, not all vehicles do, you are out of luck.  It is also a that display devices such as DVD players, Laptops, etc. are not allowed in the front seat in the view of the drivers.  Phone calls, texting, etc are out for safety reasons.  I do under stand the safety issues.

When I drove trucks, I have watched women put on makeup, change clothes, etc while driving.  I guess that is legal I do not know.  I do not drive trucks any longer.

Maybe they should just outlaw cell phones outside of the house at all times, can’t walk and text without falling in the street, or coin ponds.  Take the radios, computers, and cell phones away from law enforcement units.  The laws are to be equal to all.

Ok, now I have had my day of BS so I will simmer down now.

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