Shadow talk

WOW, I was just sitting here alone and thinking about something, words and punctuations.  I loaded one of my streaming apps, OBS, and I begun talking to myself as if I was in a conversation with a friend.  I recorded it, in fact two different times, and then played them back so I could talk to me again.  We talked using our first name.  It was just like we had been friends for many years.  I even commented him on his clothes, I told him that I was wearing the same clothes, he said really?  I was not excited and that guy Jabberwocky did not even show up.

So, if you ever find yourself thinking and want someone to brainstorm with, bring out your video camera and record yourself then play it back record some more etc.  It works for me.  Shadow talk I shall call it.

Cell Phone bans

Let me tell a little story, not true, but could be.

Old James is driving down the road one day and something happens, an accident, or sickness.  Either way an emergency.  He has a cell phone just for that reason, also a push “Help me, I’ve fallen and can’t get up” button.  Now, the button is out of range, the phone is at home by law, and you do not see a lot of traffic to ask for help.  What do you do?

July 1st my state has a law going into effect to make it illegal for a driver to have their phone on or around their person.  I also understand that the GPS units will also be ticketed.  So unless you have Onstar, not all vehicles do, you are out of luck.  It is also a that display devices such as DVD players, Laptops, etc. are not allowed in the front seat in the view of the drivers.  Phone calls, texting, etc are out for safety reasons.  I do under stand the safety issues.

When I drove trucks, I have watched women put on makeup, change clothes, etc while driving.  I guess that is legal I do not know.  I do not drive trucks any longer.

Maybe they should just outlaw cell phones outside of the house at all times, can’t walk and text without falling in the street, or coin ponds.  Take the radios, computers, and cell phones away from law enforcement units.  The laws are to be equal to all.

Ok, now I have had my day of BS so I will simmer down now.

Muggy day

I just returned from a store, it is 9:47 am EST.  I was born 15 miles from here, so I can tell a muggy day when I feel one.  Today is muggy at best.  Stopped by the mail box and no mail.  I like that part of it.

I guess today I will take my time and clean parts of the apartment.  Wash some clothes and dishes.  That will pretty much fill my day of non fun things to do.  I expect at least one phone call from a doctor’s office for my Tuesday lab test.  This is my day in a nutshell.

Population over taxed

I am seeing news articles about countries putting tariffs on goods that America sell to other countries.  Well, I guess we knew it was coming.  I guess it plays along with internet taxing now.  Our Supreme Court decided that it is ok for these states that cannot balance their books to add more taxes to the people’s buying power.  So much for a tax cut, Mr. President.  I know that there is a word for it, but I can not think of it right now, so does “Taxation without representation” ring a bell?

I rave about this because I can.  I also know that many countries pay a hell of lot more tax than we do.  I think the Government should get a job and earn what they waste and we would no longer need taxation.

The population has to budget in order to live and they also pay their bills.  The federal, state, county, city, and so on governments could not balance a budget if they tried.  Well, they do have the printing press and can make their own money without working.

I do have the right to speak up, IAW the Constitution, Oh, I do hope they have not changed it also.  Maybe I need to read it again, it has been a few years since I last read it.

I am done Jabbering now but I am still a Jabberwocky to many.

Doctor Krauthammer

Personally, I did not know the man, I  did listen to him on Fox News often.  I enjoyed his commentations, the story of this life, the accident, and how he made it through Harvard medical school.  He spoke not long ago and said he was tired and the fight was over, he was talking about his cancer battle.  As a cancer survivor, I can say it is a hard battle to win.  I want to express my condolences to the family and friends.  In my opinion, he was a great person, bad luck, but a good life as he could make it.  RIP, Doctor Charles Krauthammer dead at 68.