Thursday 6/21

Wednesday I was not as active here as I normally am.  I was helping some get their life together, what a job that is.  I am drained really but I have one more night of it and then they are on their on.  Tonight, Thursday 6/21, is the final time that I will be up late hours taking them home after going to some kind of driving school.  No not the one that you go to learn how to drive and drink and not get caught school  (DUI School).  They have a good chance to have a good job next week if they can get all in order.  I will not be able to take them to and from work each day.  They said they can get to work but not sure how they will get home each day.

The second phase of the driving school begins at 6:30 pm till 9:30 pm.  So those hours are tied up already.  I do not have much other than that planned today.  I may run up to Wal-Mart and get some crackers for my soup.  I forgot it when I ordered my groceries today.  I will most likely wash some clothes also.  I think the maintenance man for the apartments will be by today to work on my dish washer and bathroom sink.  The lady upstairs said that she saw a long snake cross the walkway Wednesday morning as she came down the stairs.  I said yes it was my snake that I took it out for the morning walk like they do the dogs, and it got away from me. lol.  No one thought that was a logical answer.  Me either since I have no use for a snake, if they do not bother me I promise I will not bother them.

Thursday 6/21 Be positive and constructive.

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